Secret Flag Trader
Guy Cohen

Guy Cohen has come back with something far simpler and quicker than his Illuminati Trader.  This one looks ONLY at stocks. The idea is that his filter software system flags up everything you need on your screen.
For the beginner, it ALSO offers essential training from a lucid speaker who famously spends his life teaching and training both pros and novices.   But for the battle-weary home trader who’s been around the block a bit, it’s the filter software that gives this the edge.
Don’t be put off by the title. In his report, Guy himself admits that “flags” (the signals that tell a trader which way a market will move) aren’t actually much of a secret. Last month, one of my forum users also pointed this out when he wrote:
"I've watched the Flag Trader CD's, they are well presented and show how to trade stocks using flag patterns. Flag pattern trading is nothing new but what you're paying for is the software that finds the flag patterns."
So yes, chart analysts and technical traders have used flags for years. They exist, and they’re hardly a new phenomenon. It’s no wild theory. People know that predicting market movements can make you regular money from a PC at home.  But here’s where ‘Secret Flag Trader’ gets its name...
Guy – a technical trading expert who is famous on the circuit as a trainer - claims to have developed his own system. One that leverages the amount of money you make from a flag. His ‘secret signals’ anticipate market moves in plenty of time for you to put your position on. He’s now developed a stripped down trading system where you can apply his unique software filters to flag up the following:
·         Which market is about to make a move.
·         The direction it’s going to move in.
·         Which of Guy’s secret flags predicts that movement
·         How long you need to watch this flag for.
·         And when to make your move.
You get a full the training package on 8 DVDs. As my reader says, they’re very well presented and easy to follow.  So if you’re a beginner, this has ALL the entry level stuff you need: loads of examples and simple explanations of chart patterns, fundamental analysis, news analysis, flags, trade entry, managing profits, risk management, and trading psychology.
But if you’ve been around the block, then it’s not the basic technique of the ‘flags’ you will be interested in, but the software system. You’ll get access to Guy Cohen’s trading website and 12 months free access to his ‘Tradefinder Flag software’. This is where this comes into its own. It’s Guy’s own method, and therefore unique to this particular system. All in all then a good package if you want to exploit some of the crazy stock market shenanigans going on right now.
Guy’s offering the training package and software for a trial period. He show you how to ‘virtual trade’ so you can test it for 30 days without using money. If you don’t think it works, then you can get a refund. To get this directly through Guy’s company (which you can trust) then click here: