Revealed! The Big Prize winners are . . .


It's Charlie here. Finally, I've got some news about who has won "The Big Prize"...

If you remember I announced this back in July...? We took ages to deliberate and there were so many fantastic entries. But we've finally got our three.

Anyway, for the big announcement, I'll pass you over to Nick Laight.



"Finally I can announce the 3 lucky winners of The Big Prize"


Try to imagine the sound of a drum roll . . .


After weeks of deliberation, discussion and soul searching, Jon Street, Charlie Wright and I have finally come up with the 3 winners of The Big Prize.

You may recall that we decided to take 3 people and mentor them in setting up a successful online business.

We will start from scratch and help each prize-winner to find a hot niche market, build a list, send out regular editorial eletters and then promote other people's products to the list. Ultimately we are aiming to provide each winner with a sustainable business that can generate serious income for years to come.

The challenge for us is to prove beyond any doubt that we can pass our knowledge on to others. Even more important, we can learn how to better share our findings with you.

Now as you've probably guessed, we had hundreds of entries. The majority gave detailed and sometimes very moving reasons why they should be chosen. If you applied for the prize, I want to thank you personally for taking the time and effort. I know that for many people it must have been very painful to share their history with complete strangers.

I am sure Jon and Charlie would agree with me that it was extremely difficult to choose the finalists. But we had to whittle down the numbers and after more than a month of deliberation we have agreed the winners.

So I am delighted to announce that the 3 winners are Julie Templeton, Alex Caithness and Fred Brooker. They have been notified and are being readied for the mentoring to begin!

Over the coming months you'll hear how Fred, Julie and Alex get on. So make sure you read your regular eletters from Jon, Charlie and me. If you are not a regular reader to all, then why not give them a go - details of how you can sign up are at the bottom of this email.

No, I'm Simon Cowell!

There's also a bit of friendly competition between Jon, Charlie and I. Like the X Factor when each of the judges takes responsibility for mentoring the final acts, so each of us will be working hard to make sure that our 'apprentice' will set up their business faster and make money sooner than the others.

I will be mentoring Alex Caithness, Jon is looking after Fred and Charlie is teaming up with Julie.

Obviously, I'd like to think of myself as the Simon Cowell of the trio. Charlie Wright is Louis Walsh, but with long hair and better taste in music.

Oh and he's not Irish.

So that would have to make Jon Street our very own Danni Minogue (he's a good looking chap, but not quite Cheryl Cole!).

Anyway, the contest is on and I look forward to sharing some amazing success stories with you soon.

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Have a great Bank Holiday weekend,


Nick Laight