Why you should slam the phone down on this huckster

Today's Adventure in the Biz opp Jungle:

'In which Charlie finally BLOWS A GASKET, and
offers some feedback on Neil Leitch, Matthew
Thole, and Tony Simmons.'


Now I'm REALLY angry.
Forget speed cameras, AD Associates and
pyramid schemes disguised as "MLMS"... this has
finally blown my one remaining gasket.
I was searching on Google on Monday, digging
for info, when I came across an entry that looked
It had MY name on it, and MY comments about
Dave Berriman's Import Mentor, from MY review
on MY website.
Except when I clicked on the link...
I came to a website called Online Biz Opps
Not MY website. But something which looked
exactly like my website.... same design, same
layout, same colours, same copy, same archive,
same Tiger's Lair, same "conversation with Nick
Laight", same TESTIMONIALS from my readers.
In short, my website has been stolen.
It's not only lazy, it's not only amateurish and
looks totally RUBBISH... but it's also illegal.
All they've done is changed the banner at the top,
and claimed that their SURNAME is "Charles". 
Now, let me get this straight. I didn't mind when
someone bought the misspelling of
www.bizoppjungle.com  and put up a basic
affiliate site. I know they did it just to catch people
who want to find my site, but who don't type the
domain name properly.
Fair enough. I didn't mind this at all. It's a strategy
recommended in manuals like the Domain Name
Profit Guide. And it works pretty well.
If you try it yourself, fair dos.... as long as you
don't plagiarise copy, steal logos, or try and
pretend you ARE that other company, publisher or
Otherwise it's theft, pure and simple. And that's
what's happened in this case.
Someone has taken my idea, my design, and my
copy, word for word. They've hijacked my
reputation. They've stolen comments which were
submitted by MY readers for MY site only, and
used them for their own fake version. They've
cloned a website that's taken me 3 years to build
up. They've taken my words and put them in their
own mouth.
Thing is, I'm not the sort to go charging through
the jungle with a virtual Blunder Buster, hunting
down the perpetrator.
After all, their intentions may have been totally
innocent. Perhaps they didn't know that this kind
of thing is unethical and completely illegal.
I'm also pretty sure that this was put up by one of
my subscribers. So if it happens to be you, I'm
happy to extend an olive branch.
Please get in touch immediately and we can have
a private chat about this before things turn ugly.
Blimey, it's been one of those years ALREADY,
and it's not even February yet.
Okay, enough about my problems. Onto your
latest feedback...
More news on Neil Leitch
First up, after my email the other week, I received
some more good comments about Neil Leitch's
FTSE Wealth Builder.
One reader says:
"I use Neil's system which certainly works and the
very good thing is that he emails subscribers a
daily review of his own trades so you can compare
them with your own and correct your mistakes as
you go along.
Also if he thinks his system needs tweaking
(adjusting...as you know) he tells you and offers
I'm really impressed by the feedback on this.
Neil's been brilliant at answering all queries I've
passed onto him and genuinely cares about his
group of traders making money.
If you're interested in earning some extra cash by
exploiting the ups and downs of the FTSE, take a
look at this:
Next up...
An update on Thole
Quite a while ago now I put some feedback about
Matthew Thole up on my site. The gist of it was
that his service was excellent, but that his tips
weren't so good.
Well, one of my readers begs to differ.
"I have been with Mathew Thole for 10 years," he
writes. "He is very genuine and i have met him
personally. Over the years I have shown a steady
profit and on the only occasion I complained
about one of his services he sent me £300 as a
gift. So whilst people tell you the bad news I think
the good points should also be published."
What you'll find with betting services is that when
someone joins up and gets a bad run of results,
they quickly damn the quality of the tips.
But other people using the same system over the
long-term often see it differently. In this case, over
a lengthy period of time, Thole has delivered for
one of my readers at least. Which is all you can
ask for.
Of course, the farmyard of betting systems is
littered with rotten eggs.
Take this guy for instance...
Why you should slam the phone down on Tony
A reader tells me:
"I got a call on my mobile phone from him telling
me that he was a good friend of Victor Chandler
and that he received good inside information.
However he wanted odds to £500."
My reader was not at all hoodwinked.
"No way I said, I don't know you from Adam. He
gave me the name of the horse which won and he
then constantly pestered me for money, even
threatened to bring in people who collect money for
him. As I had not agreed to place anything on the
horse I ignored his calls and for the moment all is
By my reckoning, Simmons is up to the old trick
exposed by Derren Brown on telly last year.
He'll ring a load of people, each with different
horse tips, covering one race. The folk who get
the losing horses won't be contacted. But for
every race he's bound to get it right for a handful
of people. He can then ring them and proclaim his
own predictive genius.
Wow, it's like he has a crystal ball...
My advice is to ignore anyone who rings you out
of the blue, even if they say you've been referred
by someone you know.
This especially goes for share tipsters and betting
tipsters. Boiler room frauds are on the increase.
And this economic situation is bringing the snakes
out of the long grass in the Biz Opp Jungle.
So be careful!
Sorry to be such a doom-monger. But that's the
way it's rolling this month.
I'll be back with more on Sunday, when I'll ask the
question: "Can you REALLY get paid to do this
everyday activity?"

Later alligator

Charlie Wright
The Biz Opp Jungle